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Our free website audit covers 5 key areas of your website

These areas are: Usability, Accessibility, Performance based SEO, Aesthetics, and Relevance.

Improving these 5 areas will help enhance your user experience, increase your Google rankings, and drive more conversions. Once we are completed with the audit, we will have a free consult to discuss ways to improve your website immediately.


Common Website Challenges That Are Holding You Back From Driving Digital Growth

1. Slow Host

It takes about o.o5 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, and whether they’ll stay or leave.

2. Outdated Design

75% of consumers admit to making judgment about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design.

3. Poor Technical SEO

A lack of proper technical SEO can result in lower search engine rankings, reducing your website’s visibility and potential traffic.

4. Bad Experiences with Agencies

Our clients have often shared stories of frustration with traditional agencies, citing inflexible strategies, inflated costs, and lack of development specialization. YohDev, however, stands in stark contrast to these experiences. Embracing agility, focusing on development specialization, and maintaining cost-effectiveness, we’ve transformed the narrative for our clients.

5. Slow Turnarounds

Delays in updates, fixes, and new feature implementation can cause a loss in potential customers and limit your website’s adaptability to changing market trends.

6. Sloppy Development

Poorly coded websites can lead to frequent technical issues, a compromised user experience, and diminished search engine rankings.

Our Focus

Our main focuses are broken into three main areas of your website


User Experience

The user has specific needs when searching on Google. Our goal is to figure out how to fulfill them.

We do this through Keyword Research, Data & Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.


SEO & User Intent

We get focused on why your users are searching for you. Not just design.


Google Web Vitals

Web vitals are the most important search ranking signals. If your website is slower than your competition, you will always come up just a little short.

What our clients say

YohDev is my go-to for keeping my company’s website functioning and relevant, compliant with the demands of Google algorithms and safe as an e-commerce platform. It’s a great pleasure working with YohDev and I feel grateful to collaborate to keep my business moving.

Ian Greene

Marketing Director FloLogic, inc


Find out how to ignite your website’s growth through UX and Data.

Our website audit is free. It looks at five main parts of your site: how easy it is to use, if everyone can use it, if it’s fast and good for search engines, how it looks, and if the content is right. Making these parts better can help your site be nicer for visitors, rank higher on Google, and get more results. When we’re done with the checkup, we’ll have a free chat about how to make your site better right away.