About Us


Passion. Creativity. Success. That’s the YohDev trifecta. We pour our hearts into our work, with excellence as our North Star. Openness? That’s our middle name. Our team? A band of bold, independent thinkers who aren’t afraid to shake things up. But we’re also big believers in second chances and moving forward. These values, they’re our secret sauce – building a company that’s earned its stripes in the industry. We’re proud of our journey so far, and we’re just getting started. Join us as we gear up for even bigger adventures ahead.





Web Solutions With a Purpose

YohDev’s journey has always been about one thing: empowering businesses with killer web solutions that align with their ambitions. Our crew of die-hard developers has the chops to take your project from a glint in your eye to a living, breathing success story. And we won’t stop until you’re soaring.

Nearly a decade in the game has taught us a thing or two. Success? It’s all about working hand-in-hand with our clients, tailoring solutions to fit like a glove. We’re here to make your online dreams come true, and your business boom. Keeping things fresh with the latest tech trends, we’re all about web solutions that are as innovative as they are sleek.

So, what’s our dream? To be your first choice for web solutions, no matter the size of your business or the corner of the globe you’re in. Because at YohDev, your success is our mission.

Our Team

Our core internal team, along with our specialized talent and consultants, makes anything possible, while staying lean and efficient.

Andrew Hewitt

Founder & CEO

Von Kaukeano

Fullstack Developer

Yexe Garcia

Frontend Developer

Travis Davis

Backend Developer

What our clients say

“Andrew and his bench at YohDev are my go-to for keeping my company’s website functioning and relevant, compliant with the demands of Google algorithms and safe as an e-commerce platform. It’s a great pleasure working with Andrew and I feel grateful to collaborate with him to keep my business moving forward.”

Ian Greene,
Marketing Director FloLogic, inc

It’s hard to find web developers who are available, reliable, and easy to work with. Andrew has been my agency’s point of contact for several of our projects, and he’s delivered solid work on projects large and small. He’s happy to help figure out a quote and timeline that works for everyone involved, and is with you every step of the way.

Stephen Lockwood,
Creative Director Astronaut, LLC

“YohDev has been a great resource/partner for my client’s web projects. Their team is knowledgeable and maintains personable yet professional client relationships.”

Ashlee Samuels,
Creative Director Crash! Creative, LLC

Let’s Turn Your Web Dreams into Reality

Ready to start your web success journey? Kick things off with an Intro Call with YohDev. We’re eager to hear about your project’s goals and visions. From discussing your brainwaves to dishing out expert advice, we’ll figure out together if we’re the right fit for your web development adventure. Let’s set the stage for your online triumph!