Supercharge Your Marketing with ChatGPT: The 2-minute Brochure Plan

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Hello everyone! I’m Andrew Hewitt, the Founder & CEO at YohDev, a web development company that focuses on helping clients reach the stars with high performing websites, automated workflows, and SEO consulting.

I’m all about optimizing my time and today, I’m sharing a cool trick we’ve been using to enhance our marketing strategy and boost productivity – and it’s all thanks to a wonderful AI named ChatGPT!

Recently, we faced an interesting challenge. With a marketing conference just two days away, I needed to plan a brochure pronto. Now, usually, this would be a hair-pulling, time-crunching task. But here’s the twist, we used ChatGPT to plan a marketing brochure, and it worked wonders. Don’t believe me? Let’s dive into our rapid brochure planning adventure.

In under 2 minutes, we created a full-blown, professional trifold brochure layout. The process was as smooth as silk. ChatGPT asked for essential details – purpose, objectives, target audience – and boom! Just like that, a solid brochure outline was ready to roll. The best part? It was instantly ready for our designer to put her creative spin on.

Isn’t it amazing how a quick a chat with an AI can save you hours of work? This was the key to making our conference deadline. The outline was thorough, and the language was spot on.

At YohDev, we’ve integrated ChatGPT into our daily routine and it’s proving to be a game-changer. Whether it’s helping plan marketing materials, drafting emails, or just brainstorming ideas, ChatGPT has proven time and again to be a productivity powerhouse.

If you’re in marketing or run a business, using ChatGPT for marketing tasks can be a total lifesaver. It’s like having your own personal assistant that never sleeps – an assistant that’s fast, efficient, and full of great ideas.

Isn’t it time you got in on this secret weapon for marketing? We’re sharing our ChatGPT prompts that we used to plan the brochure right in this post. Have a look, give it a try, and let us know how it went!

ChatGPT Priming

The first few interaction with ChatGPT is what we like to call priming. It is like priming your wall before painting. We inputing the information ChatGPT needs to know about the project we are working on. We are answering the questions ChatGPT asks back in order to achieve the highest possible content in one shot. This also works for generating content as well, however you need to go a little deeper with the priming steps.

Prompt #2: Answer the Questions

ChatGPT’s Final Output

The final output was knocked out instantly and we were able to take this and hand off to the design team (My wife and I lol), to jump write into getting a layout designed and printed.

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So, ready to make your marketing planning as easy as pie? Then it’s time to put ChatGPT to the test.

Until next time, keep winning!