YohDev Aids in the Development of a React JS Page for Uber

About This Project

Agency Partner: BonfireLA

Tech Used: React JS, Next JS, Typeform

React JS is a JavaScript library that is widely used by many companies today. It is known for being fast, flexible, and easy to use. YohDev has worked with many companies who use React JS, and we are excited to share a case study on how we helped Fair, an Uber company, with the development of React JS pages. The pages included a “Ditch Lift” page which was a targeted ad campaign aimed towards convincing lift drivers to switch to Fair. The other pages include a mini knowledge base that answered important user questions.

The Challenge

Fair came BonfireLA with the goal of creating multiple react pages that would help grow their business. They had some initial designs but were having difficulty putting everything together and making it all work correctly. In addition, they wanted these pages to be completed in a timely manner so that they could launch their targeted ad campaign as soon as possible.  

YohDev to the Rescue!

Our team of developers got to work right away and were able to put together the react pages fairly quickly. We made sure to test everything thoroughly before delivering the final product so that everything would run smoothly once it was launched. In addition, we took care of all the hosting and maintenance for these pages so that our client could focus on other aspects of their business. 

The Result

The react pages turned out great and our client was very happy with the final product. The campaign was launched on time and was successful in persuading many lift drivers to switch to Fair. Overall, it was a great project to work on and we enjoyed helping our client achieve their goals.

React JS is a powerful tool that can help companies achieve their goals.

YohDev has extensive experience working with React JS and is proud to have helped Fair, an Uber company, with the development of their React JS pages. If you are considering using React JS for your next project, please contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss your options with you.