A Spotify-Integrated Web App for Sony’s Artist Kygo

About This Project

Agency Partner: Sway Creative

Tech Used: HTML, JS, CSS, Spotify API

YohDev was approached by Sway Creative, a creative agency out of Norfolk Virginia, to help their client Sony Records with the development of a web app for their artist Kygo. The web app was a quiz that helped users determine their rising sign, and at the end, they would get a custom playlist added to their Spotify account based on their results.  In order to appeal to Kygo’s target audience of young adults, it was important that the app be fun, engaging and easy to use. 

Client & Business Goals

YohDev worked closely with Sway Creative and Sony Records to develop the web app, paying special attention to the user experience. The quiz was designed to be entertaining while still providing accurate results. In order to ensure that the playlist was tailored to each user’s individual taste, we implemented a variety of algorithms ,based in JavaScript, that took into account the user’s music preferences, date of birth, and time of birth.

The end result was a successful launch that received positive feedback from users. The web app helped increase brand awareness for Kygo’s latest album “Golden Hour” and resulted in higher sales and more followers on all social platforms.

Working on this project was an amazing opportunity

Working on this project was an amazing opportunity for us at YohDev. We are proud to have helped Sway Creative and Sony Records to create a successful marketing campaign that increased brand awareness and resulted in higher sales for their artist Kygo.

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