We helped Wells Fargo reface a React get college ready app

About This Project

Agency Partner: Pace Communications

Tech Used: React, Typescript, SCSS

When Pace Communication came to us, their client Wells Fargo, had a React app that was built poorly in React/Typescript and wasn’t efficient. The app was meant to walk the user through a series of questions to help them determine if they were ready for college. At the end of the quiz the user was presented with different pieces of content and financial product offers based on their answers.

We reworked the app to work more efficiently and to have a polished design that looked more appealing to their millennial audience.

Refactor, Restyle, Relaunch

Refactor code

First, we took a look at the existing codebase and saw that it needed major improvements. We refactored the code and made it more readable and manageable.

Then, we took care of the design

Pace created a sleek, modern design that would appeal to their target audience of millennials. YohDev styled and rebuilt the apps user interface to match the newly approved design. We tested the app thoroughly to make sure it was up to our high standards.


The end result was an app that worked well and looked great – exactly what our client needed.

We’re proud of the work we did for Pace and Wells Fargo

We are happy to report that the app is now live and receiving positive feedback from users. If you’re in need of web app development services, please don’t hesitate to reach out – we’d be happy to help you create a site or application that meets your needs perfectly. Thank you for reading!