PACE &YohDev Helped PepsiCo Attract New Talent

About This Project

Agency Partner: Pace Communications

Tech Used: HTML, JS, SCSS, WordPress

 Pepsico is a global food and beverage company with over 2,000 brands. They needed help attracting new talent to work for them, so they turned to Pace Communications who hired YohDev. We were tasked with developing core features for a micro content site that would be visually appealing and easy to navigate. The site’s purpose was to not only attract talent but to also provide awesome content about the company for the current employees.

Client & Business Goals

The website we help create included a detailed search interface, modern designed web components, and a detailed sub navigation that helps users navigate the sub content throughout the experience. We also incorporated engaging visuals and imagery throughout the website using a complex carousel to attract users’ attention. 

Since launching the website, Pace has seen a significant increase in the number of job applications PepsiCo has received. The site has been successful in helpings PepsiCo cast a wider net and attract top talent from around the world and to help build an amazing company culture.

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