Canter Power Systems & YohDev: A Partnership Charged with Innovation

Project Overview

In the powerful field of generator systems, Canter Power Systems stands as a beacon of operational reliability. With a growing national footprint in Generac generator installs, Canter Power Systems approached YohDev, seeking a robust revamp and integration of web services to bolster their market position. The collaboration involved:

  • Developing a brand new website design and collaborating with their in house marketing team
  • Providing consistent maintenance and updates to their marketing website.
  • Enhancements of the partner microsite to fortify B2B sales channels.
  • Seamless integration of their state of the art Next JS scheduling portal app into their primary website for optimized user experience and lead tracking.

Project Highlights

  • Structuring a professional DevOps process to manage, maintain, and scale their technology assets.
  • Ongoing website maintenance and enhancements.
  • Development and improvement of their B2B partner microsite.
  • Direct integration of the scheduling portal app, streamlining customer engagement.
  • Dedicated development partnership for integrated web service solutions tailored to their needs.


Several challenges emerged at the initiation of the partnership:

  • Site Continuity: Ensuring the website’s performance was unbroken and fluid over an extended period, while the new website was developed
  • Implementation: Effectively rolling out a brand new website well maintaining their current SEO and appointment conversions
  • Partner Microsite Elevation: Augmenting the partner microsite to better serve Canter’s B2B strategies.
  • Seamless Integration: Incorporating their Next JS scheduling portal app into the existing web framework without disrupting user experience or lead tracking.


YohDev’s approach was both strategic and innovative:

  • Integrated Collaboration: YohDev collaborated with Canter’s leadership and in-house team to help develop and roll out their new website.
  • Consistent Web Maintenance: Providing regular updates and maintenance to the existing website to ensure its performance and security.
  • Microsite Enhancement: Introducing new features and capabilities on the partner microsite to facilitate partner referrals and engagements.
  • Portal app Integration: Embedding the Next JS scheduling portal app directly into the website with careful attention to user interface and lead attribution mechanics.

The Results

Collaborating with YohDev led to a series of significant accomplishments:

  • Enhanced Web Presence: Continuous improvements and regular maintenance resulted in a more robust and reliable web presence for Canter Power Systems.
  • B2B Sales Channel Strength: The microsite enhancements led to a smoother operation and potentially higher conversions in the B2B sales channel, while allowing new partners to be added seamlessly.
  • Integrated Scheduling Efficiency: The direct integration of the scheduling portal app offered a more streamlined process for clients, improving the overall customer experience.

In summing up the journey of Canter Power Systems with YohDev, we find a narrative of digital transformation and steadfast collaboration. It’s a story where challenges in web development and integration culminate in growth, user satisfaction, and operational excellence, readying Canter Power Systems for future innovation in their web marketing endeavors.

Hear from the client

Andrew Hewitt is one of those bright, hardworking people that you wish you had on your team. He is a great leader, innovator and creative problem solver that always goes the extra 10 MILES to deliver and delight his clients. We have had tremendous success working with Andrew and his team at YohDev and are looking forward to many mores years of collaboration and achievement.

Joel Bennett
Marketing Director Canter Power Systems, LLC

Working with Canter Power System has been an amazing partnership

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